What to expect when working with a recruiter

A good recruiter, like a good doctor, is someone you will want to grow old with! Not only can they help you find your next paycheck. They can help develop your entire career! Some can even help you find work in exotic locations such as on a cruise ship or in Dubai! They are networked with decision makers of the companies that need your skills. They get you in front of hiring managers and get you jobs! If you find a good recruiter who is honest, successful, hardworking and ethical, don’t let go of them – even if they don’t find you a job every time you are up for a new position.

Find a favorite and give them your loyalty, your referrals, and your access to your networks. Doing so will yield huge dividends for you.

The 10 commandments of working with Recruiters

  1. Track your submissions. It doesn’t take long to track who is representing you and what companies are "in play". It will save you and your recruiter time and embarrassment!
  2. Do not allow companies to present you to organizations without knowing to whom they plan to submit.
  3. Exchange information with your recruiter. The companies you’ve interviewed at and not going to work for may be perfect opportunities for another person who your recruiter is working with.
  4. Go ahead and use more than one recruiter. Do keep your list down to 3-5 of the best you know and make sure you offer special treatment to your favorites.
  5. Stay in touch with your recruiter. Make them your friend and help them while you are looking.
  6. Remember your recruiter usually works FOR FREE until they place you. Treat your recruiter well and they will want to place you. If you treat your recruiter poorly you are likely to make their “do not use” list in record time.
  7. Keep your resume updated. You never know when your resume will open up the right door to that dream job.
  8. Keep your references updated and let them know you need them. Many placements have fallen short of success due to a poor reference.
  9. Keep your skills up to date.
  10. Give your recruiter access to your network. Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc…. Your recruiter may be able to learn about your next job before you know you need one. Help them build their business too!