LXI Search 

Rate Structure

LXI knows that each company or organization has unique hiring situations and the financial arrangements with their outside business partners can be just as unique. To accommodate these situations, we offer a variety of search options.  In the event that one of these options does not meet your needs, we are willing to discuss alternative fee plan arrangements. If you are unsure, we can discuss alternative agreements.


The fully retained search is for organizations that have an urgent or business critical need and require complete and undivided attention.  On retainer, these openings and positions command and receive LXI’s top priority and attention.  The search fee is paid in three (3) installments: 1/3 of the estimated fee is paid at the beginning of the search; 1/3 of the estimated fee is paid 30 days after the search commences; and a final adjusted fee is considered earned and payable once a candidate is hired and starts.  Additional expenses and charges may be incurred, but such costs will be pre-authorized by the employer and are strictly pass through (for example, travel, meals, and transportation).

Partially Retained

Our partially retained search is an agreement that enables the LXI team to fully support in your search with the understanding that both parties are committed to finding and placing a qualified and exceptional candidate together. A non-refundable retainer or engagement fee is required to begin this dedicated search process. The retainer or engagement fee will be subtracted from the final fee, which is contingent on the placement of a candidate.


A contingency search is one performed in good faith. LXI Staffing will refer candidates to you (as outlined in the placement agreement) who we believe are qualified and excellent matches for your positions; our final fee is higher than the other two options but you do not pay unless you hire a referred candidate.

Resume Sourcing Only

For a small fee, we'll post your prepared job description for 30 calendar days we will direct candidates forward their resumes to us and routed to your position. Job postings will be made to many of the most popular online job boards.  We do not perform any candidate searches.  Candidates’ resumes are not reviewed by LXI and candidates are not screened by us at any time during the process.

We'll help get you started and keep costs down while helping you with the challenge of finding applicants. You'll benefit from many of our recruiting resources by not having to research where to post the job, and not having to post the position to the job boards which will save you valuable time. If you select the option to be anonymous you will not be inundated with phone or email inquiries.