Product Manager - Remote


Client company seeks a detail-oriented and articulate product manager to spearhead the road-map of cloud products from our client. Working with the head of product strategy, engineering

managers and lead designers, you will deliver a distinctive product in a high profile category in the cloud market that delights their users.

Our client leads the development of Ubuntu. If you’re inspired by:

  • shaping the daily software experience of millions of users, and their billions of customers around the world,
  • high stakes, tough, distributed problems in the cloud and on all sorts of devices,
  • seeing your skills and talents make a meaningful difference in the world, and
  • craftsmanship in everything around you and the work you do, then read on.

This role is responsible for all aspects of product management from requirement definition, to launch partner coordination, launch plans and market messaging. You will need to

understand your competition and the market. You need to be comfortable with business development to find partners with which you will bring products to market. In addition to

maintaining the current product requirements you will need to maintain a product road-map for both internal and external consumption.

At our client, they use the agile development model, so you will need to be familiar with how that affects product planning and how to best work with the engineering team. They are a

widely distributed team, so you will need to be adept at working in a globally distributed organisation with occasional travel.

You’ll love this job if...

You are familiar with the cloud computing industry, excited about the dynamism and competition currently characterizing the industry and keen to define products that will

capture attention in a crowded marketplace.

You are business oriented and commercially minded - you understand the needs and motivations of key players in the industry, across the hardware, software and service

landscapes, as well as the needs of users. You believe that the last word in cloud computing has not been written and are keen to dive into the market to see what else is possible.

You are intrigued by open source and free software, and believe in the importance of free software in everyday computing, regardless of the device. You’ve used free software

platforms like Ubuntu before, but have an appreciation for the challenge and difficulty in tastefully defining paid, commercial products, the success of which ensures the future of the

free platform.

A day in the life of a Product Manager with this company…

  • 8 am, from your hotel room, join a conference call with a journalist, explaining the intricacies of a press release announcing a new product offering
  • 9 am, lead a video conference with your engineering team, diving into a shared Linuxcommand line environment, sharing insight from your experience in the field
  • 10am, mic up and take the stage to deliver a conference presentation where youlive-demo a risky, beta feature that probably won't quite work perfectly, in which caseyou must recover gracefully and confidently keep going without missing a beat
  • 11 am, spend some time with really sharp people, after your talk, where you answer thereally tough questions some people were polite enough not to assail you with on thekeynote stage
  • Noon, lunch with the biz dev director of a collaborator/competitor in your market, and negotiate a partnership that works for both of you, send your 3-key asks by email from your phone before the end of the meeting
  • 1pm, help your Sales VP in the big meeting she scheduled for you, with the CTO of aFortune 500 company who literally wrote the book on [something], and sell them yourproduct
  • 2pm, interview a potential new-hire, critical in any company -- A players hire A players,while B players hire C players
  • 3pm, write a thoughtful blog post, with unique insight on a real problem,demonstrating both the "how" and "why" around a solution, in well-written English,with a catchy title and clean graphics and a demo the reader can repeat
  • 4 pm, create a slide deck that your sales engineering team can use to sell the new product you briefed the journalist on earlier today (which should have been done weeks ago, but hey, you’re busy...)
  • 5 pm, analyze the competitor's product in your space, actually using their product(perhaps browsing their code) and document your findings, sharing with your team Flight home, hack on some code from your ~/ideas/* directory, something that you've been noodling over all week. Critically, get it into some minimally working state, by the end of the flight, or else you'll never come back to it.

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the centralized product requirements document for each product
  • Acting as the primary contact for all product related questions and press engagements
  • Coordinating with the communications team to determine market messaging,collateral and launch plans
  • Engaging with commercial partners that enhance the product both at point of sale andafter-market
  • Understanding the overall market and competitors
  • Researching new product areas
  • Acting as a product champion externally and internally

Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

  • Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written. Public Speaking of a technical nature at conferences and tech talks is likely.
  • B.S./M.S. degree or equivalent experience in applicable field, preferably Design, Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology, or equivalent industry experience
  • End-to-end software product management and development experience
  • Knowledge of Linux, cloud, and the wider open source world
  • Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self-discipline andself-motivation, delivering according to a schedule

Desirable skills and experience

  • MBA, or equivalent business experience
  • 3+ years experience in product management in a technology company
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies

Team: Product Strategy

Location: Remote - Europe or any USA timezone

Reports: VP of Product

This role will require a clean criminal record and background check.

If you meet these qualifications, and remain interested, We'd like to hear from you. Please complete a FULL profile here as soon as possible. Job Reference is 8043001. Someone will be in touch shortly to discuss your portfolio and the possible fit.

If you have problems with the application, please contact me directly at or 720-271-1663.