interview to win!

If finding a job were a boxing match, getting an interview places you in the ring.  To win you have to be prepared.  The best interview books offer similar advice.  Here are just a few tips that many overlook when interviewing for a new career.

The purpose of the interview is to determine if a match exists.   The interviewer has their turn and then it’s your turn.  Try asking questions that highlight things that are important to you ( besides money) in the position you are considering.  Ask about a typical day, coworkers, expectations, management style, etc.  Always express interest in starting work if you are interested in the position.   A great way to show your interest is to say something like this; ” Based on what you’ve told me, I am excited about this opportunity – When do I start?”

Finally – if possible, try to remember the highlights and low points of your interview.  When you talk with your recruiter, make certain to point out the relevant details so they can address these issues with the client company.

Happy Job Hunting!

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