Interview To Win

If finding a job were a boxing match, getting an interview places you in the ring. To win you have to be prepared. The best interview books offer similar advice. Here are just a few tips that many overlook when interviewing for a new career.

  • Dress appropriately – Although our region is primarily business casual, you should dress business professional for the interview and then dress down after joining the company.
  • Shine your shoes. Iron your shirt or blouse.
  • Review the company’s website if possible.
  • Practice well thought out answers to anticipated questions.
  • Plan to arrive fifteen minutes before your next scheduled appointment. Give yourself some extra time for unexpected delays – use the extra time to check your appearance, catch your breath, check in with the receptionist and get organized.
  • When you meet the interviewer, shake hands firmly.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer as you talk. Sit Straight. Put a smile in your voice to show your enthusiasm and interest.
  • Be confident and poised ( not cocky or arrogant) – provide direct, accurate and HONEST answers – even to the tricky questions.
  • Answer negative questions with positive points.
  • Ask intelligent questions that show you are interested in joining the organization.
  • Before you allow the interview to end, summarize why you want the job, why you are qualified and what you can offer their organization.

The purpose of the interview is to determine if a match exists. The interviewer has their turn and then it’s your turn. Try asking questions that highlight things that are important to you ( besides money) in the position you are considering. Ask about a typical day, coworkers, expectations, management style, etc. Always express interest in starting work if you are interested in the position. A great way to show your interest is to say something like this; ” Based on what you’ve told me, I am excited about this opportunity – When do I start?”

Finally – if possible, try to remember the highlights and low points of your interview. When you talk with your recruiter, make certain to point out the relevant details so they can address these issues with the client company.

Happy Job Hunting!

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