Finding and Hiring the Right People!

Many of the world’s best and most admired organizations trust LXI with their most critical technical and leadership needs.

LXI can efficiently and effectively help you with the difficult process of hiring capable professionals for salaried, consulting, and temporary positions. Here's how we do it.

  • LXI does not have the restraints that our larger publicly traded competitors have.
    • In other words, we can recruit from an expanded candidate talent pool and offer exceptional candidates that our competition must avoid.
  • We conduct in depth interviews.
    • Our goal is to minimize the time you spend on hiring by making sure that each candidate we present has the skill sets you're looking for and is the right fit for your organization.
  • We are well networked and we take advantage of our relationships in ways that "new school" recruiting just can't match.
    • Sure we can go fishing for people to apply to our social media posts and LinkedIn updates but our unique ability to reach deep into any organization through our relationships and identify top level talent enable you to go after the best of the best and bring them to your team.
  • Our "Rolodex" contains skilled professionals who can't be reached through advertising or other means.
    • LXI can quickly access the professionals needed by your organization shortening your hiring cycles and saving you time.
  • LXI maintains the flexibility to customize the search process and engagement around each client’s unique situation and financial considerations.
  • We evaluate candidates on an in-depth technical basis.
    • We understand functional skills, career contributions and aspirations, personal attributes, expectations, and aptitude of the candidates and are able to screen efficiently to roles we are asked to fill. This allows you to hire with confidence when a mutual match exists.
  • We have the reputation, the depth of experience, and the knowledge needed to understand specialty search.
    • LXI uses this experience to attract, screen, and retain the most qualified individuals and navigate them through any hiring process.
  • We've helped many top companies across many industries make strategic hires, improve hiring processes, and save money.
    • LXI brings the ability and expertise to assist you in organizational planning, employee motivation, and reducing employee turnover.